Slots Terminologies

Low Level or Slant Top slots machines. These are machines that include a stool allowing players to sit and play.

Optimal play. This is the payback percentage that is based on a player using the best possible strategy in a slots machine game.

Payline. This is a straight or zig-zagging line that traverses through one symbol on each reel, and is how a winning combination is determined. Many of the classic spinning reel slots machines have up to nine paylines, while video slot machines can have up to one hundred.

Rollup. This is the process by which a win is emphasized by playing sounds while the meters of the slots machine count up to the amount that the player has won.

Short pay. This refers to the partial payout that is made by a slots machine, which is less than the actual amount of money that a player is supposed to win. This situation occurs when the coin hopper in the machine has been depleted as a result of an earlier payout.

Stand Up or Upright slot machines. These are machines that are designed to be played with the player standing up